Friday, August 14, 2015

All Just Peachy Cozy!

The City:  Atlanta

The Date:  14 August 2015

Lordy, lordy, look who's ... started another cozy series.  Ok.  So I couldn't make it rhyme as in "lordy, lordy, look who's forty"; so sue me.  I really have no excuse.  I guess I could say it's because I live in Georgia and the series is called A Georiga Peach Mystery.  But to be honest, how in the hell could I - could anybody - possibly pass up a book whose title is Peaches and Scream?  I mean, come on.  Of course, clever, catchy, kitschy, pun-ridden titles are the meat and potatoes of so many cozy series titles, but I found this one to be particularly delicious and I just couldn't resist.  Even before reading this title, I pre-ordered the next based on its title:  Rest In Peach due out 5 April 2016.

This first title in a the Georgia Peach Mystery series by Susan Furlong certainly promises to be a keeper in my Excel document of cozies.  Yes,yes, YES! I have to keep a book logue to know what I've read and what I have pre-ordered.  That's part of the proof of my addiction.  So sue me again.

Although I live in Georgia, I am a Virginian born and raised.  And although I lived in New York for nearly 30 years and was a hard-core New Yorker, I always have been and always will be a southern boy at heart.  So when I hear characters' names like Nola Mae and Ida Jean, it's all quite cozily familiar.  After all, two of my very dear and beloved teachers in high school (whom I send Christmas and birthday cards to) are named Carroll Lee and Mary Sue respectively (and respectfully).   

There is a wonderful, confident evenness to Ms. Furlong's writing that lends a kind of soft sense of comfort.  Maybe that's the southern thing, but the story was well-executed, definitely had good surprise endings and the promise of story lines regarding the main characters that will be interesting to see explored and played out.  This is the element that compels cozy addicts like myself to follow a series.  Peaches and Scream was an excellent "first in a new series" and another cozy series I am addicted to. 

Ms. Furlong pens two other series:  The Novel Idea Mysteries under the pen name, Lucy Arlington (a series I adore, am addicted to and follow; even have my Aunt Lila hooked on it) and The Pipi O'Brien Mysteries  under the pen name, Susan Furlong Bolliger.  

Please take time to visit Ms. Furlong's website for information on all her series:

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Still have two more cozies for this month.  So stay tuned!


  1. I was actually in Georgia on business when I read this book (okay, I timed it that way). Granted, I never left the greater Atlanta area, but I still found it a fun connection. This was definitely a great debut, and I can't wait for the sequel!

    1. it seems we're both hopelessly addicted to quite a number of the same series! and you were in my city to boot! i'd love to include your site in my next blog if that's okay with you.